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The European bison on Bornholm

In in the Almindingen Forest on the Danish island of Bornholm, you can find a refuge for some of the worlds last European Bison. A large section of the forest is enclosed by a fence where a small herd of bison can walk around undisturbed and in safety. Visitors can enter the enclosure and walk […]


Söderåsens national park, Sweden

In November we took a car trip to Sweden and drove to Söderåsens national park in Southern Sweden – about 1½ North of Ystad. The weather was cold, foggy and rainy, but it didn’t matter at all. The nature was beautiful and we found a place with great food. I even got to taste Wild […]


My first preset

Working and learning from presets in lightroom is just part of the photography hobby. You buy presets from famous photographers like Peter McKinnon to get a glimpse of what a highly skilled mind has done in the same software as you use yourself. I will argue that I have learned a lot from using these […]


Bornholm’s Bird of Prey Show

One grey Sunday in August we went to see one of the shows at Bornholm’s Bird of Prey Show (Danish: Bornholms Rovfugleshow). Though the weather treated with rain we never got any, but the light was not ideal for photography. However, I captured a few photos I really liked and the editing process was enjoyable. […]


My photo went viral

I recently went for an evening excursion to Hammeren on Northern Bornholm with my camera. It is one of my favorite places on the whole island, since it offers a view of both Opal Lake (Danish: Opalsøen), the rocky coastline and Hammershus Castle Ruins in the distance. I snapped this photo for my Instagram account: […]



I went to Greece for a few days to attend a workshop with Photo Voyagers. The goal was to learn more about astrophotography and take photos of the milky way near Lake Doxa about 2½ hours West of Athens. However, before I get to the good part with all the star-photography, I’ll share some of […]


Photoshoot for a local museum

I got the chance to help out a local museum by taking photos of selected objects from their collection and exhibitions. The objects included uniforms and weapons from the Danish and German miltiary ranging from the 19th Century to World War 2. Being allowed to handle the old artifacts was an extremely fun experience, but […]


Folkemødet 2019

Even though the year’s theme was UN’s 17 sustainable goals the weather is going to be what the 2019 festival will be remembered for. This year’s People’s Meeting on Bornholm started out well, but by Saturday the whole festival was drowning in heavy rain and thunder. But that still gave two days full of lectures, […]


Engage Festival

For the second time I volunteered at the ‘Engage’ music festival in Copenhagen. It’s a chance to meet up with fellow veterans from the Danish armed forces, but this year I also had the chance to take a few photos from the festival – especially from the camp-section of the festival that I helped run. […]


Paris, France

Enjoyed a three-day trip to Paris in May this year and visited a few of the main attractions the city has to offer. I of course brought my Nikon D810 DSLR and spend a lot of time walking around to find the best framings at each location.

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