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Folkemødet 2019

Even though the year’s theme was UN’s 17 sustainable goals the weather is going to be what the 2019 festival will be remembered for.

This year’s People’s Meeting on Bornholm started out well, but by Saturday the whole festival was drowning in heavy rain and thunder.

But that still gave two days full of lectures, debates and speeches from the Danish political elites, organisations and businesses. I brought my camera to try to capture some of the scenes and people at this year’s festival.

US Ambassador til Denmark Carla Sands in a debate about US-DK relations.
Kristian Thulesen Dahl’s speech at the main stage.
Kristian Jensen speaking at the main stage.
Kristian Jensen speaking at the main stage.
A short break in the weather with some very unusual clouds.

About Folkemødet

Folkemødet (English: The People’s Meeting) is a meeting between people and politicians, where the Danish island of Bornholm provides the venue for politicians, journalists, industry and citizens to debate current political issues.

The event takes place each year in June in the small town of Allinge on Northern Bornholm. For four days the town is transformed into the Mekka of Danish politics with over 3.000 events, debats, performances, concerts and happenings.

Read more about Folkemødet at here.


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