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I went to Greece for a few days to attend a workshop with Photo Voyagers. The goal was to learn more about astrophotography and take photos of the milky way near Lake Doxa about 2½ hours West of Athens.

However, before I get to the good part with all the star-photography, I’ll share some of the photos I took while visiting the city of Athens and it’s many attractions and museums.


This is a city with lots to see, but also very, very hot in July. I recommend taking a siesta back at the hotel during the warmest parts of the day and heading out again in the early afternoon. Or you can always go visit the museums since they usually have very good air-conditioning.

Acropolis and acropolis museum

This is a must-visit for anyone going to Athens. The Acropolis is situated on top of a hill in the middle of the city. This place closes around 8 pm, but I suggest you go here around 6.30-7.00pm if you visit in July. That way you avoid the worst heat and get to see both The Acropolis and Athens city during the Golden Hour (sunset).

Entrance to The Acropolis with view of Athens city.
The Acropolis.
Athens city as viewed from the Acropolis.
The Acropolis Museum.

National archaeological museum

This museum is quite special. It has a huge collection of artifacts from the Greek and Roman periods, as well as some from ancient Egypt.

From the special exhibition about beauty in art.
Greek statue in the museum. Possibly a goddess.
The Antikythera mechanism. An analog computer from about 70 BC.
Greek or Roman bronze bust.

Mask of Agamemnon

The Milky Way Chasers workshop 2019

I signed up for this workshop almost half a year ago after trying out a few astrophotography shots back home on Bornholm. However, this kind of photography is both very technical and highly specialized, so after watching lots of Youtube-tutorials and following every astrophotographer I could find on social media I wanted more. I found a workshop in July 2019 in Greece with Photo Voyager that took place at lake Doxa outside Athens. I learned a lot on this workshop and shot several hundred photos of the stars and milky way – and made new friends with the same passion (check out their Instagram: aziz.ghanim and lcsfotografie). This is the results of the workshop and I highly recommend this workshop with Philip Gavrilos if anybody wants to dive into this niche of photography.

Workshop photos

View of lake Doxa with the milky way core just above the mountains.
Milky way core over the mountains. Result of 100 stacked photos using Sequator.
Startrails over the Chapel on lake Doxa. This is about 80 images combined into one.
Milky way core. About 100 stacked images using Pixinsight.

The region around lake Doxa

The workshop took place at lake Doxa, but it also gave a chance to visit the Corinthia province. The view from the workshop’s hotel was really spectacular. It also gave rise to a whole new type of photography: balcon-photography (thank you for that one, Aziz!)

View from the workshop’s hotel.
Sunrise over the valley. Panorama shot from the hotel’s balcony.

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