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My photo went viral

I recently went for an evening excursion to Hammeren on Northern Bornholm with my camera. It is one of my favorite places on the whole island, since it offers a view of both Opal Lake (Danish: Opalsøen), the rocky coastline and Hammershus Castle Ruins in the distance.

I snapped this photo for my Instagram account:

Even though the photo did not get a huge number of likes on my own account it reached the right people, since both the local tourist organization @visitbornholm and the national tourist organization @visitDenmark shared the photo on their Instagram-channels. @explore_scandinavia followed suit as well and the Danish magazine Woman published my photo in an article on Bornholm’s nature.

The post from VisitDenmark got more than 8.000 likes:

Opal Lake

Photo from the same location in the autumn, 2018.

I highly recommend visiting the place in the evening or early morning. The Danish name is “Opal Søen” and it’s found on Northern Bornholm. You can park by the Opal Lake or closeby at the Hammeren Harbour and walk up the cliffs along the hiking trails.


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