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Senja, Norway

This April I traveled to Northern Norway and the beautiful region of Senja. This is my first trip to Norway in about 30 years and the first time I have crossed the Arctic Circle. The area has a fantastic landscape and I hope my photos from this place will do it some justice.

The coastline of Senja and the North Sea.

I really wanted to visit Norway again after seeing a lot of fantastic photos on Instagram and travel videos on Youtube. In planning this trip I failed to realise that even in April Senja is covered in a thick layer of snow, so I couldn’t hike up the mountain slopes as i hoped. So, for most of the trip I drove around in a hired car and stopped whenever I spotted something worth a photo – and there was quite a lot even from the roads.

The road network in the Senja region offers plenty of opportunities for photos.

Event with all the snow and restricted access to many of the higher peaks I still felt there was plenty to experience and photography. The mountains and fjords presented a unique landscape that is well worth the trip to this remote corner of the world… and they have plenty of tasty salmon fished locally.

Took my drone for a spind over the rocky coastline.

I hope to go back some day during summer and climb the Hesten mountain peak.


  • Accommodation: Mefjord Brygge
  • Car rental: Sixt
  • Airline: Norwegian (Copenhagen-Oslo, Oslo-Bardurfoss)

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