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Söderåsens national park, Sweden

In November we took a car trip to Sweden and drove to Söderåsens national park in Southern Sweden – about 1½ North of Ystad.

The weather was cold, foggy and rainy, but it didn’t matter at all. The nature was beautiful and we found a place with great food. I even got to taste Wild Boar.

Walking to Hjortsprånget viewpoint.
View over the canyon.

The park was full of hikers even though the weather was quite rainy, so I guess it’s quite a hot spot for both locals and tourists. Sadly, this meant I didn’t have a chance to take photos of wildlife. However, we went to visit the two main viewpoints Kopparhatten and Hjortsprånget.

A lone hiker looks out over the park from Kopparhatten viewpoint.
View over the canyon in extreme fog.
The autumn colours.

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