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The European bison on Bornholm

In in the Almindingen Forest on the Danish island of Bornholm, you can find a refuge for some of the worlds last European Bison. A large section of the forest is enclosed by a fence where a small herd of bison can walk around undisturbed and in safety.

A European bison walking along the forest edge.

Visitors can enter the enclosure and walk around in the beautiful Danish forest, but finding the bison can be quite tricky. I have tried 5 times and only managed to find them twice, but here in December, I got lucky by following the bison trail (Danish: Bison stien). I encountered around 7-8 bison that was walking around quite peacefully. The stopped to take a look at me at some point, but after a few minutes, they decided that I wasn’t that interesting and ignored me.

Two bison grassing.

I never managed to get into a good angle, but with my 600mm lens, I managed to capture a few photos of one of the bison grassing on a field.


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