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Welcome to my website and online photo portfolio! My name is Stefan Asp, and I live and work on the Danish island of Bornholm – a wonderful Nordic pearl in the Baltic Sea. In 2010 I bought my first DSLR camera, and I’ve been learning the craft of photography ever since! Today I’ve upgraded to Nikon and Sony full-frame mirrorless cameras, but I am still learning. You can follow my quest to become a better photographer on this page or on my Instagram and Facebook.

Lastest journal entries

  • A Mandarin Duck in Nexø

    A Mandarin Duck in Nexø Today was another exciting adventure as I embarked on a car ride to Nexø, where I desired to capture a photo of a Mandarin Duck that had been spotted in a small local lake. Upon reaching the lake, my patience......

  • A wintertrip to Opalsøen

    A wintertrip to Opalsøen (Opal Lake) Another photo session on Bornholm. This time we went for a trip to Opalsøen on Northern Bornholm. Here I captured the breathtaking beauty of this magical place blanketed in snow.  The photos are part of a photo task for......

  • Another trip to Friskens fotogömsle

    Another trip to Friskens fotogömsle in Sweden Another trip to Friskens fotogömsle in Sweden In November 2023, I embarked on a captivating adventure to Friskens Fotogömsle in Sweden, eager to photograph the untamed beauty of wild birds of prey. Armed with my trusty Sony A1......

  • Birdwatching on Ertholmene

    Birdwatching on Ertholmene Birdwatching on Ertholmene Nestled within the expanse of the Baltic Sea (around 20km from Bornholm), the captivating archipelago of Ertholmene beckons. Positioned between Denmark and Sweden, this historic island group, granted nature park status by the Danish government in 2019, is a......

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