Dyrehaven in December

For some years I have wanted to visit Dyrehaven near Copenhagen during the Christmas holidays, but never really had the chance. This year I took the car back home, so I could bring my tripod and 150-600mm lens for the camera. It also seemed like the perfect chance to learn more about my new Nikon Z7ii mirrorless camera.

I visited Dyrehaven during the morning hours to see the sunrise and get a chance to find some of the local deer roaming the forests and fields around the Eremitageslottet. I read online that the male deer favourites the Northern part of the park, so I parked the car near Tvendehus at the Northern entrance.

Luckily the parks staff feed the deer around 8AM, so hundreds of deer was massed around some huts where the food was placed. I managed to capture photos of several large deer.