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Welcome to my website and online photo portfolio! My name is Stefan Asp, and I live and work on the Danish island of Bornholm – a wonderful Nordic pearl in the Baltic Sea. In 2010 I bought my first DSLR camera, and I’ve been learning the craft of photography ever since! Today I’ve upgraded to Nikon and Sony full-frame mirrorless cameras, but I am still learning. You can follow my quest to become a better photographer on this page or on my Instagram and Facebook.

Lastest journal entries

  • The Red-Footed Falcon in Bastemosen

    Red-footed Falcon in Bastemosen I’ve spent two days in Bastemosen on Bornholm with a flock of 8 red-footed falcons. This species of falcon is a rare sight on the island of Bornholm, so seeing 8 in the air over the small marshy area of Bastemosen......

  • I have seen the Northern Lights

    Nikon Z7II + Samyang 14mm. ISO2000, F2.8, 25 sec. I have seen the Northern Lights For the first time in my life I have experienced the Northern Lights. What makes this an even more magical sight is that fact that it happened on the island......

  • Kingfisher – a 7 month hunt

    Tracking a local Kingfisher for 7 months I have dreamt of getting a close-up of a Kingfisher for a long time. Last year a Kingfisher was reported in a small lake near my home, and I was ecstatic. However, it took seven months to study......

  • The Glyptotek in Copenhagen

    A visit to the Glyptotek in Copenhagen I recently revisited the Glyptotek in Copenhagen to experience their newly opened ‘Amarna – City of the Sun God’ exhibition. I have read extensively on this specific period of ancient Egypt and always welcome the opportunity to see......

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