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Welcome to my website and online photo portfolio! My name is Stefan Asp, and I live and work on the Danish island of Bornholm – a wonderful Nordic pearl in the Baltic Sea. In 2010 I bought my first DSLR camera, and I’ve been learning the craft of photography ever since! Today I’ve upgraded to Nikon and Sony full-frame mirrorless cameras, but I am still learning. You can follow my quest to become a better photographer on this page or on my Instagram and Facebook.

Lastest journal entries

  • The Glyptotek in Copenhagen

    A visit to the Glyptotek in Copenhagen I recently revisited the Glyptotek in Copenhagen to experience their newly opened ‘Amarna – City of the Sun God’ exhibition. I have read extensively on this specific period of ancient Egypt and always welcome the opportunity to see......

  • Photo hide in Southern Sweden

    Two white-tailed eagles shot with a Sony A1 + Sony FE 200-600mm, ISO 12800, 600mm, F7.1, 1/2500 sec Photo hide in Southern Sweden In January 2023, I spent a night and a day in Friskens ├Ârn och fotog├Âmsle (Frisken’s Eagle and Photo Hide) near Kristianstad......

  • My photo is on Nutella’s jars

    My photo is on Nutella’s jars Last year I was contacted by a Swedish marketing company working for Nutella. They had spotted my landscape photography of the Opal Lake on Bornholm and wanted to buy it for an upcoming marketing campaign for Nutella. I sold......

  • I switched from Nikon to Sony

    I switched from Nikon to Sony Well, at least for wildlife photography. I’ve been a Nikon shooter since I ventured into photography almost 12 years ago. I didn’t see myself ever owning anything besides a Nikon camera, but that changed when I switched to mirrorless.......

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