Another trip to Friskens fotogömsle in Sweden

Another trip to Friskens fotogömsle in Sweden

In November 2023, I embarked on a captivating adventure to Friskens Fotogömsle in Sweden, eager to photograph the untamed beauty of wild birds of prey. Armed with my trusty Sony A1 camera, this marked our second visit to the renowned photo hide, promising a day filled with remarkable encounters.

I was joined again by my fellow photographer @mariusfolkmann. The journey began with a unique twist – we slept in the hide, so would be ready for the next day. Rising at 5 AM, the anticipation of a day spent capturing the essence of Nordic raptors fueled our excitement.

As the first rays of light pierced through the morning mist, the stage was set for an extraordinary spectacle. In front of the hide, an awe-inspiring congregation of 30 white-tailed eagles unfolded. The majestic birds, with wingspans of more than 2 meter, created a scene straight out of a wildlife photographer’s dream.

An adult white-tailed eagle.

The white-tailed eagle, also known as the sea eagle, is a formidable bird of prey recognized for its large size and distinctive white tail feathers. With a wingspan exceeding 2 meters, this species inhabits coastal regions, including fjords, islands, and lakes. Scandinavia serves as a stronghold for these eagles, particularly in Norway, Sweden, and Finland, owing to the abundance of suitable habitats. Conservation efforts have contributed to the recovery of their population, reflecting the region’s commitment to preserving pristine landscapes. As apex predators, white-tailed eagles play a vital role in regulating ecosystems, making them a symbol of successful conservation in Scandinavia.

Juvenile white-tailed eagle

An adult white-tailed eagle.

Throughout the day, the hide revealed its secrets, treating us to the diverse avian wonders of the region. Approximately 6 common buzzards, 10 red kites, and 2 kingfishers made their appearances, each presenting unique opportunities to capture their untamed beauty through the lens of my camera.

Common Buzzard


Red Kite

Six White-tailed harassed by crows and ravens.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting the hide into darkness, we reluctantly bid farewell to Friskens Fotogömsle. The journey back to Bornholm was a reflective one, filled with gratitude for the rare moments shared with these magnificent creatures.

This photographic odyssey was more than just a visual feast; it was a profound connection with the untamed spirit of nature. Friskens Fotogömsle, with its wealth of avian treasures, has etched itself into the tapestry of my memories as a place where the magic of the wild comes to life, one click at a time.