March 2021

Rømø – Birds, landscapes and night sky

We drove across Denmark in March to the Danish island of Rømø in hope of experiencing a black sun.

We took a short holiday in March to the small Danish island of Rømø. The island is situated near the German border on the Jutland peninsular. The island has around 600 inhabitants, but plenty of holiday homes, so I suspect it can get quite busy during the summer season. We rented a holiday day house through Feriepartner Rømø near a small bird sanctuary on the Southern tip of the island.

The area is part of The Wadden Sea National Park with plenty of wildlife. We were hoping to see what in Danish is called “Sort Sol” (English: Black Sun). It is a term for migrating birds gathering in huge swarms to scare away birds of prey. Luckily we experienced it several times and we even encountered a few rare birds (for Denmark). We would like to return to this area another time, but preferably in August or September. At that time the weather should be a bit better and that should be the perfect time to see the birds migrate South for the winter.