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6 days on the Faroe Islands

The COVID-19 travel restrictions limited the travel options this summer, but for Danes, both Iceland and The Faroe Islands was possible travel destinations. I’ve been following several Instagram and Youtube photographers that have taken great pictures of both destinations, but I really wanted to photograph the puffins on Mykines with my 600mm Sigma lens, so […]

Museum, Travel

A visit to Moesgaard Museum, Aarhus

During the COVI19 pandemic, the borders were closed and travel to foreign countries was impossible. However, that gave me the opportunity to revisit one of me favourite Danish museums in Aarhus – Moesgaard Museum. The museum’s new building opened in 2014 and it shows both in the architecture and the exhibitions. The standard is extremely […]

Museum, Travel

The Frigate ‘Jylland’

Travel restrictions still limited our travel destinations, so in July 2020 we decided to travel domestically and head for the Danish town of Aarhus on the Jutland peninsular. While Aarhus is a great town I planned to visit a very special ship about an hour outside town – The frigate ‘Jylland’. ‘Frigatten Jylland’ – The […]

Bornholm, Travel

A 17th century naval fortress – Christiansø

In June 2020, I joined my colleagues for a 2-day work outing on the archipelago Ertholmene. You might not have heard of Ertholmene, and it’s two main islands Christiansø and Frederiksø since they often become overshadowed by their larger neighbour island Bornholm. However, a local ferry sails from Gudhjem on Bornholm to Christiansø island almost […]