New camera – Nikon Z7ii

I’m a sucker for new technology and the new mirrorless technology for cameras have been tempting me for some time. In December 2020 Nikon’s new flagship mirrorless camera – the Nikon Z7ii – was released and I became one of the first in Denmark to get hold of it.

Nikon Z7ii

Two years ago I switched from Nikon’s DX format to the full frame (FX) D810. The change also meant I started shooting in RAW, rather than .jpg, which involved not only learning a new camera, but also a whole new post-processing technique in Lightroom. My first photo session with the D810 was quite underwhelming because I couldn’t figure out why my photos looked so poor in the LED-display on the camera.

However, after learning the power of the RAW-format and spending lots of hours with Adobe Lightroom I slowly learned how to utilize the powerful Nikon FX-camera – and I have loved it ever since. During those two years, several of my photos have been used in magazines, in ads and on various websites, so I must have done something correct with both my shooting and edits.

Low light test with the Nikon Z7ii at the local harbour.

So switching to a new technology again, the mirrorless Nikon Z7ii, I am very prepared for a learning curve yet again. So I’ve started testing it in various situations with low light, wildlife and landscape photography.

Astrophotography with the Nikon Z7ii

On my birthday the skies suddenly cleared for a few hours at night, which gave me the chance to test the camera at astrophotography. I drove to Kultippen (a barren area on Bornholm island) and captured this selfie:

Kultippen, Bornholm

The photo was captured with a Samyang 14mm lens, which was fitted with an adaptor to the camera. Overall it seems to perform quite well.

Wildlife photography with the Nikon Z7ii

The following day I went for a trip in Almindingen forest on Bornholm, where I captured a small heard of bison amongst the trees using a Sigma 150-600m lens:

Bison crossing a clearing in the forest.

I experience quite a few problems with the auto-focus and the camera’s ISO went crazy. In the shot above I had the camera on auto-ISO and it set it to a whopping 8000. Luckily I could use Tropaz DeNoise AI to reduce the noise and it was acceptable for Instagram.

A 2nd bison crossing the clearing.

I took another shot of a 2nd bison in almost the same light with a fixed ISO of around 1200. It gave some post-processing noise in Lightroom, since I had to add more exposure. All in all, I think the camera was a bit overzealous with the ISO and lower could have done the trick.

Spotted some hikers in the forest.

Landscape photography with the Nikon Z7ii

On the way home I stopped at the ruins of a medieval castle to test the camera in the foggy environment. The result was quite decent, so I think the learning curve with regular landscape photography will be quite easy.

Lille Borg (English: Little Castle) in Almindingen Forest, Bornholm.